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Arnold Linsman 'Hot & Spicey' AM/AOS x santanael 'Snow Flake' AM/AOS
Miltoniopsis Hybrid
 Arnold Linsman 'Hot & Spicey' AM/AOS x santanael 'Snow Flake' AM/AOS, Photo Copyright 2007, Steve Lucas, www.ExoticRainforest.com

Arnie Linsman ran the Greater New York Orchid Society and its annual spring show for many years.  This Arnold Linsman orchid is an almost triangular blossom!  The 'Hot & Spicey' is snow white with maroon and yellow center markings.  The runway petal is very wide and stretches the entire three inch width of the bottom of the orchid.  The dorsal sepal at the top is quite small as are the almost hidden lateral sepals.  Both lateral petals contain just a bit of the maroon coloration.  Typical of Miltoniopsis orchids you will see the pattern in the center which often resembles a butterfly in this family of orchids.