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Begonia bowerii Ziesenh.
Begonia bowerae Ziesenh.
The Eyelash Begonia
Our specimen is likely a hybrid variation.
Incorrectly Begionia bowerii

This deep green Begonia bowerii with purple leaf fringes has pointed leaves that grow to 6 inches.   The species is from Mexico and the center is decorated with a strongly defined yellow star and in the Spring the Begonia often puts out tall flower spikes.  There are over 700 hybrids known in this group of Begonia hybrids.  B.  bowerae  is considered to be the parent of the numerous hybrids known collectively as the Eyelash Begonias.  An attractive hybrid that is also easy to grow provided you give it filtered light and very well draining soil.  My thanks to Bill Claybaugh, Conservation Chairman of the American Begonia Society and to Avery Wagg of the Canadian Begonia Society for their assistance in identifying the plant.  You can see Bill's website at