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 Begonia hernandioides Merr.
Begonia hernandioides Merr.

I will admit right up front I am not a begonia expert.  But Janice and I both love the species so we have a few growing in the atrium.  Most grow along the sides of the pond but a few, like this one, are potted in hanging baskets.  I was once told by a knowledgeable begonia expert in Miami there are over 800 species and begonia hybrids available.  So many that some tropical plant growers raise nothing but begonias.  So you can imagine that any expert on these plants would have to be a specialist. 

Like orchids, these plants are the subject of a great deal of fervor amongst hybridizers who constantly strive to produce new varieties.  These tropical beauties have interesting leaves and in the Spring they produce colorful small flowers.  We believe this specimen to be Begonia hernandioides but will yield to anyone who is more knowledgeable about these plants than we should you have a different opinion.  The plant produces spikes of pale pink flowers and has red undersides on the 4 to 6 inch leaves.  It grows wild in tropical Asia, Malaysia and the Philippines.   The leaves are mostly oval but some have a point on one edge.  Some leaves are cupped and others have the fringes turned down.  We grow all our begonias in well drained soil with indirect yet bright light.