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             Cissus amazonica Lindel


 Cissus amazonica Lindel
Synonym: Vitis amazonica

Amazon Jungle Vine

Said by some dealers to be rare, this little Amazon Jungle vine at first proved to be a slow grower in our atrium.  Originally
we had Cissus amazonica planted at the base of one of our "fake logs" since the texts say it is a climber.  Didn't climb! 
The cutting I originally acquired was only about 4 inches long and in a year it had not yet tripled in size.  It ran slowly along
the base of the "log" but never caught hold of anything.  So in frustration I gave it to a lady who grew plants in a terrarium. 
The thing caught hold of everything and did it grow! 

Obviously, she brought a large piece of the original C. amazonica back!  At first, the leaves were quite small, but now they
get as long as 5 inches (13cm).  The color ranges from a near green to a silver green and the undersides of many leaves
are burgundy.  We have now moved the plant into a hanging basket in an area where it gets filtered light.  Some section
now hang as far as 3 feet (90cm)below the basket.  The vine now attempts to grab any other nearby basket and is
beginning to grow from several.  When available for sale, the plant is often sold to vivarium enthusiasts where it will
receive even higher humidity and amounts of moister than it receives in the atrium.  High humidity appears to be a major
factor in making it grow.  We give it an average of 85% to 95% humidity but Cissus amazonica appears to appreciate even
"wetter" conditions.  The vine climbs by grabbing hold of anything, including your fingers, with tendrils that grow all along
the vine. 

As fast as Cissus amazonica grows, if properly cared for, I'd hardly call it rare!