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The Exotic Rainvorest


Colmanara Wildcat
Hybrid Unknown #3
Sometimes I hate it when an orchid begins to bloom and I find the tag is missing.  That often happens when curious visitors pick out a tag to see what the plant is and then either place it in the wrong pot or simply lay it down by the pot.  Regardless of how it happens, it happens to all orchid collectors and growers.  This one is unusual for several reasons. The petals and sepals of the orchid are long and extremely pointed.  The bars of reddish brown are more blocky than many Wildcat orchids and the runway lip petal of some flowers on the same spike are quite different than their relatives.  Some runways have a lot of ivory yellow and a small amount of speckles and splotching.  Others have very little ivory yellow and a great deal of splothching.  That is due to some of the flowers trying to revert towards one of their parent plants over the other parent.  Regardless, it is an intereting plant.