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The Exotic Rainforest

Light and Season in the Rainforest 

Light and Season in the Exotic Rainforest atrium, Photo Copyright 2006, Steve Lucas, www.ExoticRainforest.comIf you've been fortunate enough to walk through and spend time studying a tropical rainforest you will realize just how important light is to the health of it's inhabitants, both plant and animal.  Light is everything.  Either you have just the right amount, not enough, or too much. 

It's the same with photography.  Since I spent much of my working life as a commercial photographer I often look at things very differently depending on the time of day and season of the year.  This view is similar to another photo on the this website.  The difference is both the angle, which is more to the east, and the time of year.  The main page photo was taken during summer, this one during the midst of winter when the sun is at it's southern most angle.  There is a major difference in the plants, and animals. 

During the summer the plants are fuller and there is far more color.  During the winter everything and everyone is conserving energy for spring which is just a few months away.  During the spring and summer we see little green anoles (lizards) and tree frogs can be heard "barking" for a mate.  During the winter the animals are mostly in hiding with the exception of a few frogs, who are quiet, and one large bull anole.  Still, in it's own way, the rainforest is just as beautiful.  Just different in fullness and color. 


Alongside this walk is a favorite place to relax
and listen to the frogs and crickets.
The photo can take you there.