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The Exotic Rainforest


Morning Light

There is something crisp and glorious about the morning light in the rainforest.  All the nocturnal animals have returned to their hiding places to avoid the brightness of day.  The air smells fresh, clean.  But many animals are awake and about!  In the morning all the birds in the Exotic Rainforest are calling to each other.  And to me.  It's feeding time and they make sure I remember to feed them every morning.  The little insects such as the ants are busily searching for something to carry back to their queen.  And the color of the light on the plants is surreal.  Brilliant.  Alive.  I love to see and feel the dew on the leaves and I delight in the smell of the orchids that often emit a light perfume in the morning.  I soak in the sultry morning humid air.  And I love the warm hues of the morning light.  Light is the source of life in the rainforest.  Plants gather it in to grow and reproduce.  The little green lizards are often out on a leaf trying to soak up the warmth.  And the fish in the pond are busily dancing at the surface in search of a morning catch.  They too remind me it is time to be fed.   Life is good in the rainforest.  No.  Life is good.  Thank you Lord.  Thank you for giving us all our Exotic Rainforests.