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Miltoniopsis Hajimi Ono 'Maui Jewel' AM/AOS
x 'Maui Falls' AM/AOS

Some people have too much patience.  Almost all orchids available today are hybrids.  But some are hybrids with hybrid parents.  This wonderful "velvet look" hybrid is one with both parents as hybrids.  Think what the hybridizer had to invest in time to create this orchid!  From the time an orchid is pollinated it takes approximately 7 years before the first flower from a new hybrid plant can be seen.  That's due to the time it takes for the seeds to develop, then germinate, then grow into a healthy plant large enough to produce a flower spray.  That would require the hybridizer of this orchid to wait 14 years, at least, before being able to see his or her first flower since both parents were hybridized and then crossed!  But since both parents were award winners (AM/AOS) he/she could almost have been assured of a knock out plant.  But not necessarily!