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Oncidium Wilsonara Firecracker
‘Red Star'

This small orchid is Janice's absolute favorite.  We first saw the orchid in Homestead, FL at a very well known orchid grower's farm but the price was out of sight.  So I began on a mission to find a few plants.  I located them in Hawaii at what I considered a fair price.  Problem was, I had to buy six!  The plant is slow to get started blooming but once it does the plant produces a spray with flowers that are magnificent.  About 1 ½ inches to 2 inches across, the spray can boast a dozen or more flowers that definitely allow the orchid to live up to it's name of Firecracker ‘Red Star'.  And if you're fortunate enough to get multiple sprays the plant is glorious!  I've recently tried to buy more to have them available for other collectors but to date have been unable to locate another source.  Everyone seems to be sold out!  Wonder why?  A truly spectacular orchid!