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The Exotic Rainforest
Plants in the Exotic Rainforest Collection


The Flower of Musa ornata

I see the atrium from a different perspective than most.  Perhaps that brings the wonder of a child's eyes back for me to see and enjoy the plants in a different way.  That's because I'm in a wheelchair.  And that's not all bad!  For one thing, people open doors for me . But more importantly I see the plants about 2 feet lower than most of our visitors.  So I often look up.  And sometimes the upward views are beautiful.  I especially enjoy sitting on the South Walk and looking up at the Musa ornata blooms set against the large leaves of the White Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai).  See the tiny bananas of the Musa ornata banana plant?  I'm told they can't be eaten, but even if they could it would take a bunch to make a mouthful.  But the blooms produced by the plant more than make up for the lack of edible fruit.  We also have this plant with blooms in several other colors including purple.  And the folks at Going Bananas in Homestead, FL offer an entire range of colors if you want some in your tropical garden.  The plant has long slender leaves that easily reach 7 to 8 feet while the plant can reach 12 feet in height.  The Bird of Paradise can grow taller than the Lexan ceiling in our atrium!


Just a few steps further and you turn onto the west walk.  The photo can take you there.