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The Exotic Rainforest

The Exotic Rainforest Waterfall

Exotic Rainforest waterfall and pond as seen from the park bench, Photo Copyright 2009, Steve Lucas,

When the filters are newly cleaned approximately 5000 gallons of water an hour flow over the waterfall at the end of the Exotic Rainforest pond .  The splash and spray of the falls serves not only to aerate the pond it delivers humid air to the entire atrium. High humidity is the life blood of any tropical rainforest.  The humidity in the atrium rarely drops below 85% and is frequently higher.  In the early morning water drips from the ceiling as well as the leaves of the plants.  Ferns, Philodendron and Anthurium species love the waterfall since they constantly have plenty of water which is key to their health.  Tree frogs which can sometimes be found hiding among the rocks.









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