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Anthurium angamarcanum Sodiro

 Anthurium marmoratum
     This page  contains photos of plants sometimes sold as wither Anthurium angamarcanum or Anthurium marmoratum 


This page is a part of a private study with the assistance and supervision of aroid botanist Dr. Dr. Thomas B. Croat Ph.D., P.A. Schulze Curator of Botany of the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, MO.  Dr. Croat's current determination is Anthurium angamarcanum is the species and A. marmoratum is the same plant using a different name assigned by botanist Luis Sodiro.  However, he is now open to the suggestion that other species may be involved in this complex.  This study is being done with Dr. Croat's supervision in an effort to reach an ultimate determination if all specimens known as Anthurium marmoratum (now considered to be a synonym of Anthurium angamarcanum) are truly Anthurium angamarcanum or if new an undescribed species still exist.   Simply, are there other unidentified species yet to be described?  Those that are participating hope to learn if there are other yet-to-be named species within this aroid complex.

If you have photos of either Anthurium angamarcanum and/or Anthurium marmoratum you will be willing to share with us for this study please email them in as high resolution as possible to  Please include as much detail of the leaf blades, veins, petioles, cataphylls, stem, and inflorescence as possible.  Photos of these species taken in either Colombia or Ecuador are very valuable and much appreciated but please be sure and include the location where the photos were taken.  You will be credited for any photo used.

There are specimens sometimes available for purchase from Ecuagenera in Ecuador as either Anthurium angamarcanum or Anthurium marmoratum.  The names used on their website link are often not botanically verified.  It is highly likely at least some of these are species other than labeled.  You can visit Ecuagenera to view or order specimens at:    All photos are used with permission.  It must be stressed that at least some of the plants in the Ecuagenera list do not match the published description of the species Anthurium angamarcanum and are very likely another species.  Should you believe you recognize the correct species please feel free to point out the correct name to us so we can attempt to verify the name and post the correction here.  These photos are presented solely as a representation of species already in personal collections using the name Anthurium angamarcanum.  It should not be assumed from this webpage the identifications are correct!


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