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The Exotic Rainforest
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Pond bench in the Exotic Rainforest atrium, Siloam Springs, AR 72761,


The Centerpiece of our Exotic Rainforest! 

Filled with life, the pond houses a number of aquatic plants including several color variations of water lilies.  We began the pond with a dozen "dime store" goldfish about 2 inches in length.  There are now over 20, some close to a foot long.  Immediately to the right of the pond and to the right of the bench reside a full grown stand of 4 types of banana plants.  We have shared and enjoyed delicious fresh "Arkansas" fruit with our friends and neighbors on several occasions.  In the spring the species of tropical tree frogs that inhabit the atrium seek out the shallow area to lay their eggs and reproduce.  Orchids are often in bloom on one of the several stumps.  And to the upper center you can make out the waterfall which is blurred due to the slow exposure of the camera.Exotic Rainforest waterfall and pond as seen from the park bench, Photo Copyright 2009, Steve Lucas,




Follow the "trail".  The photo will lead you to the waterfall.